Merlitz is often considered the straight man of the Lost Lake crew and more than not is put into the job of trying to keep things in order when chaos is erupting. Honest and to the point, Merlitz will often take things at face value which often leads him to being taken advantage of, that or him missing anything subtle. However Merlitz’s fire magic reflects his temper in that when something does push him the wrong way, he isn’t above taking action against it. Due to the randomness of everyone around him, Merlitz is likely the most stressed of the group and it isn’t odd for him to disappear now and again to relax. He takes his job and life seriously though at times he misses being an adventurer. However when Merlitz is called into doing something, his sense of honor will always ensure that he sticks with it.

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#3: Someone Isn’t Getting the Point

#3: Someone Isn’t Getting the Point published on

Still attempting those word bubbles, still adding in friend characters. Merlitz in particular was a tricky one regarding his cameo. In Furcadia, MissMab (who was my avatar in the game. Mistake 3: Self inserts!) and Merlitz were a couple so my teenage self figured it was obvious the relationship should play out a bit in… Continue reading #3: Someone Isn’t Getting the Point