Alexsi’s personality is rather hard to define. Most of the time one meets Alexsi is when she is in a rather sour mood due to some trouble at the inn or some trouble with her brother…though the two cases tend to be hand in hand half the time. Quick to temper, Alexsi is more than happy to use a large mallet she carries as a means of ejecting said problems out the door, and after so many years of practice, she is quite accurate in her aim. Underneath it all is a very sympathetic and caring being who wants all who live around her to be happy. And while she often has to be the voice of reason, Alexsi deep down could not see life without the crazy antics that go around in her inn.

Feeed meeeeee~

#2: Who Needs a Plot? Not Us!

#2: Who Needs a Plot? Not Us! published on

Here you can see I attempted to use a digital text to handle the comics. But because I had no idea what I was doing due to only having I think Paint Shop Pro at home and scanning the comics on the computer…it looked awkward and bad because I used default text. LEARNING MISTAKE 1.… Continue reading #2: Who Needs a Plot? Not Us!